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Areas of expertise

Areas of law

Civil Law

The law firm has many years of experience and provides legal support across all areas of Greek Civil Law.

Commercial Law

The law firm, familiar with the latest entrepreneurial trends and developments, meets our clients’ needs for specialised legal services in areas of Greek Commercial Law.

Competition Law

The law firm's long-standing and in-depth experience in the field of competition law and unfair commercial practices ensures high-level legal advice to foreign and Greek companies.

European Law

The law firm has long-standing experience in European Law and especially in European Economic Law.

International Economic Law

The law firm can draw on its long-standing experience in international economic law matters (WTO, GATT, ICSID, etc.).

Energy Law

The law firm, based on its experience in International and European Energy Law matters, is one of the first law firms in Greece to deal with Energy Law cases.

Public law – Individual Freedoms

The law firm specialises in the provision of legal support in Greek Administrative Law and Individual Freedoms cases.

Intellectual Property

The law firm has long-standing experience in intellectual (IP), industrial and commercial property matters.

Internet Law

The law firm, aware of the growing Internet penetration in everyday life of individuals and businesses alike, provides legal support for legal issues arising in the framework of the internet.

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